Culture & Ethos

Our Culture

NeXus Circle offers a dynamic environment with real world implications. Step onto the world of opportunities for inclusive growth and you can feel the energy and intensity of our work, see the collaboration and coordination and meet the talented people whose passion is focused entirely on our mission to capitalise on opportunities and leverage connections.

We promote an informal and conducive environment where members and our team members are valued for their individual contributions toward our mission. Personal goals, interests, and strengths play largely in how careers take shape. Many of our employees have been here for years and plan to stay. They see this as a place where new opportunities are always available for challenging, rewarding work.

Propelling our people forward in their work are core values. These same values have been embraced since our formation. Yet they continue to serve us well and define not only who we are, but also how we work for the nations.

ETHOS For Recruitments

- We practice an open-office policy.

- We believe in empowerment, not hierarchies. We believe in ears to the ground, not just feet on ground.

- We believe that with autonomy and freedom comes great responsibility.

- If you think you’ll fit the bill, write in to us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to explore avenues for engagement.



We are each responsible for maintaining the highest ethical standards in our work and life. We believe in honoring our promises and treating everyone with respect.


We recognize our strength lies in our people. We are each gifted, yet together, the sum is greater than the whole.


We depend on the personal commitment and effort of every individual on our team. We expect everyone will do their best work, every day.


Empowered by the need to get the job done, we value innovation, even risk taking.


Our mission hasn't changed, yet the world we live in has. Success depends on being able to make adjustments and meet our current needs.


We must take responsibility for our actions and decisions. This is part of integrity as a group and as individuals.


Our mission demands that we always strive for more, in all that we do.

Jointly, we believe in sending the elevator down !

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